Puffin Mask Art Project

This Puffin mask art project is super fun to make and kids will be able to enjoy being puffins throughout the day!

Puffin mask made by M.U.

Materials :

·                  Half face black mask

·       White, orange, black, yellow & red construction paper

·       Small orange poms

·       Templates

·       Glue sticks

·       Scissors

·       Hot glue gun w/ sticks
Puffin masks made by Seattle Aquarium campers

1.   Print out the templates and trace them onto appropriate colored paper.

beak templates

2.   Cut out all the pieces including the triangles for the eyes.
3.   Hot glue the white eye pieces onto mask.

4.   Fold the beak pieces in half diagonally.

5.   Glue the beak pieces together by superimposing them. Beak color order should be red onto yellow onto black onto orange.
color order for beak
6.   Hot glue the beak onto the mask.

7.   Hot glue one small orange pom on each side of the beak
Enjoy being Puffins!



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