Sea Otter Art Project

Craft idea from Danielle of Danielle's Place

Sea Otter art project made by M.U.

Materials :

·        One big paper plate

·        Two small paper plates

·        Brown & purple construction paper for limbs & sea star

·        Crayons

·        Scissors

·        Glue

·        Wiggly eyes

·        Small black pom

·        Black sharpie marker

·        Black beading string


1.    For the head, cut out 1/3 of a small paper plate & glue it onto the other small paper plate to create the nose/mouth piece.

2.    Glue the head onto the body (Big paper plate)

3.    Color your sea otter with pencils, crayons or markers to give it its natural coloring.

4.    Trace out limbs and sea star onto appropriate colored paper.

5.    Cut out limbs and sea star and glue onto sea otter body.

6.    Trace out the nose/mouth part of the sea otter with a black sharpie marker.

7.    Glue a small black pom for the nose & add some whiskers on either side using the bead string.

8.    Glue your wiggly eyes. Enjoy!


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